Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Choose Your Priority of Life

I knew.. i couldn't do anything by my self. But I almost want to do everything in my life. I want to sew my own dress. Want to scrap my memories. Want to create my own digiscrap. Want to planning nisrin activities. Create islamic lapbook. Manage my own business. bla bla bla.....
Sometimes I want to shout to my self. Come On chika.. You must choose your priority of life!
Ok..and in this month I choose to becoming a member of STS Creative team..  and join designer darling competition. Because i think, those activitities can push my digital skill.


I won't sew my own dress. But I still creating islamic lapbook, planning Nisrin's activities and Manage my own business..

Oops.. I almost forget.. I also join STS February Road Trip..
I have a lovely Paper Pack for you...
Please come back here on Februaty 1st yaa....

4 komentar:

  1. You have some great goals! Look forward to seeing more of you on STS and thanks for taking part in the Road Trip.
    Lapbooks are a great way to teach young kids so best luck designing yours and don't forget to sell some to help support all your work. If you don't already check out Homeschoolshare for freebies to use in it and Currclick when you are ready to sell it.

    1. thanks yabby.. In Indonesia, Lapbook was a new tool. I share my own lapbook to my friends.. and they love it! they ask me to make a custom lapbook.. and of course i sell it.. my daughter need a lot of stuff.. hehe...

  2. Hi Chika, or Dzikra as you prefer, hehe! Just saw your post, wish you all the best for the Designer Darling competition! =)

    1. thank you..\(^.^)/
      i guess you are my bestfriend..



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