Jumat, 30 November 2012

STS December Road Trip

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Hi! Are you ready to welcome the end of 2012? Hm... All of you must be preparing a lot of things! Annual recaps, christmast, mother's day, new year, new resolution of course. Oh..I almost forgot. How about the weather? Indonesia was rainy as usual. I hope i could join winter holiday with my family at Korea on Next year. So...inspired from my dream. I created Winter Sonata Mini Kit for joining STS December Road Trip. It's my first kit. XD
I hope You Love it.

Includes: 5 Papers, glittery arrow ribbon, heart flairs, dotty frame, swirl, and small flower.

Just Click HERE to download it. :P

And here's another inspiration from me.. XD

The next stop is Growing Pains Scrapped

If you get lost on this road trip, here's the road map:

WinksArt Graphics
Desert Digi Scrap
Shuckclod's Stuff
Scrappy Chicka ---> YOU ARE HERE ☺
Growing Pains Scrapped
Scrappin Serenity
Note-able Scraps
Adriana's Cafe
JMC Designs
Saphira's Scraps
The Scrappy Kat
Scraps N Pieces
Callaluna Creations
AK Designs
Sairi Designs

Enjoy this road trip ladies!

Jumat, 23 November 2012

Antiquity by Meta Wulandari Design

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Woot woot.... are you enjoy the black friday? Must be!!
Meta already created a gorgeous black and white kit. Look at the preview below...

Include in the zip are 8 beautiful papers and 26 elements. All are created in 300 dpi resolution for an exellent quality print. 
I reaaally want to create a full elements page. Like my best buddy, Nadia. But it doesn't work! Even i've been trying to scraplift her LOs. 0.o

Then.. my fingers created this LO...

Thanks for blogwalking here...

Selasa, 06 November 2012

Moslem Girl and Boy Vector

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Yeay... today is my day. You know what? I already finished my vectoring. I made a moslem girl and boy. Named Salma and Ali. If you want to grab it, just contact me ok... :)

Moslem Girl and Boy Vector

Ok.. I'll go to practice again... fufufu..... digi design wanna be.. :P

Jumat, 02 November 2012

On Cloud Nine

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Sure, You were celebrating iDSD. have you grab all of blog/fb hop freebie? I still downloading them.. XD
To celebrate iDSD Meta also release a grab bag. On Cloud Nine Grab Bag. You can get it for only $5...in limited time. So make sure you login to mscraps shop right now.

Here's what i created last night with it.

I really love everything on it. 
Thanks for stopping by... 
Happy iDSD ladies...

Going Green by Meta Wulandari Design

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We know that green living style has become popular. And our hobby, digiscrapping is one of green living ways. Have you grab going green by Meta Wulandari Design? I hope you grab it fast.

Here's my LO with using going greeen!

and these by another team member... 

by Petra
by Nadia
Thanks for blogwalking here. hope you inspired and sure to grab going green asap. hehehe....

Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Hurted with Deciduous

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(Used Deciduous Collection by Meta Wulandari Design)
Everyday We meet many drama, incident and event. Sometimes it makes you happy, in another time, hurted.    I'm sure everyone always thinking, dreaming a full of happiness life. But, what does it mean? Should Us got everthing we want first, then life gonna be beautiful? Well, if you choose so, you won't happy ever after.
My life full of happiness, painful, sadness, madness. But I choose to let it flow. And let Allah cope everything. Don't feel too happy, sad, mad, pain, shocked or hurted. Just plain. 
I knew, it hard to keep our feeling plain. But, once you have it, nothing can lose you.

Recently, i have a busy schedule. No more extra time for digiscrapping. Preparing products for November Expo @ Jakarta. Nadia...pray for me ya... ! >.< *ashamed
I do scrapping if Meta call me for do that. Bad CT member. Even, my mini album project hasn't finished. It just stuck on my desk... I need to buy cardstock to finish them... But Evelyn won't leave from me. She still got fever and cough. Ya Allah, it almost a month! Syafakillah Evelyn.

Meta just released Deciduous Collection. Fact: I can't spell it correctly -.-"

DECIDUOUS Collection

Thanks for blogwalking here..
Fact: I finished this post in 6 hours... -.-"
Evelyn was sleeping, but it's lunch time. haven't prepare anything. See ya!

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Girl and Boy Element

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I keep trying to always positive feeling. Even though my day not easy to be passed. It has been a month. Evelyn got cough, and hasn't getting well. :'(
I should extra take care my baby on the night. She almost wake up in hour. But, that's not make my day lost from draw & learn schedule.
I just finished girl and boy drawing.. yeayyy! It's really made my day.
Here's my first digi girl and boy. I used corel draw [again]... :'P

It's really seems like my oldest daughter, Nisrin.. XD 
I want to add some shadowing on it. But haven't success.
I should try to edit it on photoshop. Hmm...... 

I just change the colour's and nodes of girl's picture, and now I have a boy picture too.. 
hehehe... tricky cheat designing huh..?

I haven't upload it on any file sharing site. But if you want, you may right click it and save it for your personal use. Or... if you want a better size, just comment here and leave you e-mail address. 
I'll share my dropbox link. ;')

Thanks for stopping by...
hope you enjoy my short blogging.

Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

How I Adore Them...

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Such a great blogwalking. Last Night I blogwalking around the world. I found soooo many blogs inspiring me. I meet Evita Nuh and Tatiana Romanov. How I really adore them.
Evita has a genius way in expressing her concern about Fashion, Photography and blogging. even though she was (only) 13 years old and start blogging in 9 years old. What a whiz kid... Even her English far...far... better than me... Ouch!

I wonder, what my daughters gonna do on 9-13 years old? That's depend on me (Yup, i thought so..). As a mom i should catch my daughters talent and bring all they need. I think Nisrin has a talent on story telling-drawing. And evelyn has a beautiful motion on her moves... (Do you understand my english?). So.. i should bring them to a right environment and people. So.. their talent gonna be grow up brightly. :')

Nisrin loves to hand drawing, even she hand drawing a lot than coloring or reading a book. I also love to draw, and really enthusiast to learn drawing. Tatiana Romanova... i love her unique work. 

Well..i knew that never gonna be late to learn something new, but... could i reach such a high skill like that?
Hm... just wondering.

Okay...maybe a high skill art work gonna be hard for me, but how about cooking? Aha! I found a gorgeous cooking blog... Oven Love!

She has a daily fun cooking acitivity. And love to share the recipe and trick. What a nice bloggy mom. 

She's more than bloggy mom! Food Photographer too.

Slurp.... wanna bite it right now.... :3

actually...there's another superb blog i want to post here. but suddenly my baby got a strong cough. i need more hands off.. sorry. :")

Jumat, 28 September 2012

Brother and Sister Doodle

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Hi... it's my second freebie doodle. 
I made it for my daughter's mini book story. I was creating an islamic lapbook, include mini book story on it.
Full picture, and it's just one of them. :')
I hope you love it. To grab it, just right click and save image as... 

Kamis, 20 September 2012

My First Digi Doodling

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Hey! Do you feel excited to design? I do! I'm not a pro scrapper both graphic designer. I just start to learn digi design. I reaaally want to join Jessica Sprague Class. But of course i should collecting a lot of coins to pay that. Or.. i should pending my travelling plan, and use the budget for that. Hmmm....bad idea.

Despite of wondering...dreaming.... i just search free tutorial. And again, i found that many designer use tablet for designing. Such as wacom, or galaxy note. Hm... i don't have any of those gadget.

"Don't give up chicka!!" Okay, now..my friends only PC, google, pencil and sketch book.
I searching for tutorial for an hour. And i found what i want. I start my designing project from doodling.

I used my hubby's fav, CorelDraw X4.. Hahahaha... i haven't finished with Photoshop, but start the another one. great!

I try to draw little moslem girl. Scan it. And Trace it. Voila... here's the result.

If you love it, just right click and save the image. Commercial Use Ok... XD lol
I had created 5 more pictures, and on tracing process. I'll be back.. :')

Jumat, 07 September 2012

Meta Wulandari Design Collection

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I had promised to be active again in digiscrap world. But I didn't. Last month I so busy with new house, online book store project, and of course "Mudik" Event. I should visit my grandmas.. at different city: Bandung, Cianjur. Visit my Father's Big Family, My Hubby's Family. I feel so tired, then got sick. Ok.. My body was so weak. I almost get sick every month. :(

I try to type what Iwant to share here... Although there was a wave in my stomach.. >.<
I want to share about Meta's Collection: Adiluhung, County Fair and Elle. Sound's Great huh.. :)

Adiluhunga collaborative project with Nan Design. It’s a Javanese culture about, and we are proud because we are the first who make it in digiscrap. Adiluhung translate as a beautiful sublime, that has become in recent years the code word for what many Javanese appreciate as the super-refined sublime heights and profound depths of Javanese culture.

Need to scrap your fantabulous journey at county fair? This kit would be perfect for you. County Fair

And the other release is a girly stuff called ELLE. Shopping, make up, pretty nail… Create in a soft and sweet color, this kit and the add-on are perfect to create any sweet thing you could imagine.

Thanks for blogwalking here.. hope you find some inspiration..

Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Happy Eid Mubarak

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Alhamdulillah..We could pass this Ramadhan, hopefully can meet the next Ramadhan.
Please forgive all of my fault and lackness. Let's start a new beginning of life with a pure heart and back to Fitri.

Happy Eid Mubarak.

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

County Fair by Meta Wulandari Design

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Dear bloggers...finally I finished my digiscrap holiday... XD

I already have more time to spend in front of monitor. Last week, I should maintenance my PC and try to recover data on my Hard Disk. Sadly.. most of files has been lost. And the recovered data was on single file format. Ough... It's not easy to organize those files. Especially the digiscrap kit files.. I remember most of my collection, the designer's and the kit's name. But sometimes I'm not sure which designer that created this element/paper? Well.. but it's done. I already have an organized database again.. :)

Oh..I almost forgot. I really happy coz my fav designer's kits could be recovered. All of Meta Wulandari Design's Kit was not separated into single files, so..i could recovered those files easily. *yeaaay!!
And this week... Meta has announced her Newest Kit-County Fair!! You must be love this kit. Look at those fun ellies and beautiful papers. Grab it fast on her store by clicking the preview below.

Include in this kit are 8 patterned papers and 6 solid papers (JPG format)

Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012

Kuliah Online Favoritku

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Hampir dua bulan Saya cuti dari dunia digiscrap. Selain karena kesibukan baru, Saya juga sibuk mengembangkan skill Saya di bidang kreatif. Sejak kecil, Saya suka menggambar, menjahit, membuat kerajinan, pokoknya segala hal yang berbau seni dan kreatif deh..

Tapi sayang, Saya tidak mendalami minat itu. Sekarang, setelah lulus kuliah, berkeluarga dan punya dua anak, kesempatan itu datang.

Terima Kasih Internet, sekarang belajar apa saja begitu mudah. Tinggal search subjek yang ingin dipelajari, maka hampir pasti, tutorial, workshop, kursus, dan kuliahnya sudah tersedia. Rasanya gemessss banget, pengen semua kelas diikuti. Tapi...gak semuanya gratis kawan... Heu heu... ada yang berbayar juga. 
Diantara sekian banyak tutorial, kelas, kuliah yang ada di Internet, ada beberapa yang menarik minat Saya.

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

4th of July by Designing Divas

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One of the most beloved holidays in America is the 4th of July.   This is a great kit to post your memories of this day! But.. even if You're not an American, Grab this kit is a MUST. Why... coz it has many unique elements and colors. Before i play with this kit, i'm not sure if i could make a great LO or not. But... after i opened the folder..i said... "wow".. i love it. 

Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Pillar of Strength by JMC Designs

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I have more than one Father Themed Kit, but Jodi has released an untraditional Father's Day Kit.

Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Oh Hoppy Day by B2N2 Scraps

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This bright fun kit, Oh Hoppy Day, is full of frogs!  The colors in this kit make scrapping pictures of your little one (boy or girl) playing outside, especially in the mud.  But this kit is versatile anough that you can scrap just about anything!  Oh Hoppy Day has 16 papers, 44 elements and a full alpha!  Oh Hoppy Day is

Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Feeding Frenzy... Collab Kit

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This is Feeding Frenzy...Petting Zoo, a fabulous collab with Mommy Me Time Scrapper.  She did a safari theme and Crystal did more of a petting zoo type kit.

The inspiration came from a place that most of kids really enjoy.  It is a drive through animal park where you can feed buffalo, llama, deer, zebra, giraffes, and so much more.  The animals come up to the car window and you feed them carrots or some type of pellet food.  It is so much fun. 

Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

JMC Designs CT Call

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Do you like JMC Designs kits and want them all for free? Are you a talented scrapper looking to be a part of a super fun Creative Team & digi-scrapping community? Or maybe organization or on-line media is your strong suit? If you answered yes to any of the above, then apply to be a member of JMC Designs Crew!

Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

June BAK: Sea Monster by Digital Scrap Fun

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This fun little kit takes a journey to the bottom of the sea and explores sea monsters!
It goes along with the June 2012 Build A Kit with an ocean theme.

There are 19 fun elements and 10 papers.
The elements are: beads, yellow button, green button, crab, scalloped border, eel, fish, flower, blue wave, frame, green frame, loch ness looking monster, monster in weeds, green ribbon, blue ribbon, seaweed, snake
tag, whale. How fun is that!

Click the preview below to grab it fast..

and here's my LO

I love photo collage, before fall into scrap, i was fall into collage. lol
I combine color and b/w photos, coz those photos doesn't has a good quality. 
but it works, huh.. ^.^

Thanks for blogwalking here..
i hope it can be inspiring you a lot.. 

Bees, Butterflies and Birds by JMC Design

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Have lots of fun summer pictures - well then this is the kit for you.  Fun primary colors with lots of Bees, Butterflies and Birds.

This kit includes: 1 Upper case and Lower case Alpha, 5 Cardstock, 55 Unique Elements, 15 Papers. 100% Quality Checked! Grab it Now by clicking the preview below, and you'll save 40% off.. :) 

And these are my LOs

I try to make a fantasy style LO, and practice to add a better shadowing... 

Hmm...nothing to say... just love Nisrin's espression. Hmm...

Thanks for coming here...

Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Black Belt by Digital Scrap Fun

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I've been waiting for a martial art themed kit for a long time. Andd now, Digital Scrap Fun just released her new kit. BLACK BELT!!! It will be 40% off through June 3rd! So much Fun, yaaa...! XD  Click the preview below to grab it fast, ok!

Crystal also has a freebie for you, click the preview to grab it on her blog..

And here's a LO i made with... ffufufufu... I Love pictures on it.

Thanks for blogwalking here...

Senin, 28 Mei 2012

And Many More by Designing Divas

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Birthday time!  Designing Divas has a great kit to scrap your birthday photos, And Many More... XD 
Click the preview below to grab it fast ya...

Included in this kit: 26 Papers / Full Alpha / 50 elements: 2 balloons, 2 banners, clip, 2 birthday hats, 2 borders, bow clip, brad, 3 buttons, birthday cake, 4 candles, frame, 2 confetti, curly ribbon, 
4 lowers, 2 frames, 4 presents, 7 ribbons, ric rac, rope bow, safety pin, staple, 2 strings, 2 swirls, tag, and wrap. PU, S4H, S4O ok!!

Here's my LOs:

Thanks for blogwalking here...

Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

Grab Bag from Meta Wulandari Design

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Do you Love collecting awesome kit, with soft pastel color, unique elements,and also with a sweet deal?
This is it! Bits of Life Grab Bag from Meta Wulandari Design! Just take a look, click the preview below, and grab it fast... coz it will be 80% off!!

Here's LO i made with:

Thanks for coming here..


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