Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Hurted with Deciduous

(Used Deciduous Collection by Meta Wulandari Design)
Everyday We meet many drama, incident and event. Sometimes it makes you happy, in another time, hurted.    I'm sure everyone always thinking, dreaming a full of happiness life. But, what does it mean? Should Us got everthing we want first, then life gonna be beautiful? Well, if you choose so, you won't happy ever after.
My life full of happiness, painful, sadness, madness. But I choose to let it flow. And let Allah cope everything. Don't feel too happy, sad, mad, pain, shocked or hurted. Just plain. 
I knew, it hard to keep our feeling plain. But, once you have it, nothing can lose you.

Recently, i have a busy schedule. No more extra time for digiscrapping. Preparing products for November Expo @ Jakarta. Nadia...pray for me ya... ! >.< *ashamed
I do scrapping if Meta call me for do that. Bad CT member. Even, my mini album project hasn't finished. It just stuck on my desk... I need to buy cardstock to finish them... But Evelyn won't leave from me. She still got fever and cough. Ya Allah, it almost a month! Syafakillah Evelyn.

Meta just released Deciduous Collection. Fact: I can't spell it correctly -.-"

DECIDUOUS Collection

Thanks for blogwalking here..
Fact: I finished this post in 6 hours... -.-"
Evelyn was sleeping, but it's lunch time. haven't prepare anything. See ya!

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