Senin, 01 Oktober 2012

How I Adore Them...

Such a great blogwalking. Last Night I blogwalking around the world. I found soooo many blogs inspiring me. I meet Evita Nuh and Tatiana Romanov. How I really adore them.
Evita has a genius way in expressing her concern about Fashion, Photography and blogging. even though she was (only) 13 years old and start blogging in 9 years old. What a whiz kid... Even her English far...far... better than me... Ouch!

I wonder, what my daughters gonna do on 9-13 years old? That's depend on me (Yup, i thought so..). As a mom i should catch my daughters talent and bring all they need. I think Nisrin has a talent on story telling-drawing. And evelyn has a beautiful motion on her moves... (Do you understand my english?). So.. i should bring them to a right environment and people. So.. their talent gonna be grow up brightly. :')

Nisrin loves to hand drawing, even she hand drawing a lot than coloring or reading a book. I also love to draw, and really enthusiast to learn drawing. Tatiana Romanova... i love her unique work. 

Well..i knew that never gonna be late to learn something new, but... could i reach such a high skill like that?
Hm... just wondering.

Okay...maybe a high skill art work gonna be hard for me, but how about cooking? Aha! I found a gorgeous cooking blog... Oven Love!

She has a daily fun cooking acitivity. And love to share the recipe and trick. What a nice bloggy mom. 

She's more than bloggy mom! Food Photographer too.

Slurp.... wanna bite it right now.... :3

actually...there's another superb blog i want to post here. but suddenly my baby got a strong cough. i need more hands off.. sorry. :")

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