Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Girl and Boy Element

I keep trying to always positive feeling. Even though my day not easy to be passed. It has been a month. Evelyn got cough, and hasn't getting well. :'(
I should extra take care my baby on the night. She almost wake up in hour. But, that's not make my day lost from draw & learn schedule.
I just finished girl and boy drawing.. yeayyy! It's really made my day.
Here's my first digi girl and boy. I used corel draw [again]... :'P

It's really seems like my oldest daughter, Nisrin.. XD 
I want to add some shadowing on it. But haven't success.
I should try to edit it on photoshop. Hmm...... 

I just change the colour's and nodes of girl's picture, and now I have a boy picture too.. 
hehehe... tricky cheat designing huh..?

I haven't upload it on any file sharing site. But if you want, you may right click it and save it for your personal use. Or... if you want a better size, just comment here and leave you e-mail address. 
I'll share my dropbox link. ;')

Thanks for stopping by...
hope you enjoy my short blogging.

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