Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

Designer Darling Round 2 - Car Free Day

This week I try to create a kit in two days only. And I did it! \(^.^)/
I accept so many feedback from the judges, that help me improve the quality of submission kit.
Gonna be better if I post about my submission kit early. But my hands so busy... So.. I late to post it on this blog.
And there's another problem.. my download link occured an error, I put my kit on my dropbox and didn't check it again. I saw a green check, so I didn't need to check it again (Big Mistake!!).
Today, I just came back from Bandung, and fixed the link. I want to edit the link on submission thread. But it been closed... :(
I'm afraid... coz at this round.. will be an elimination... @.@
I still want to join this competition, coz i can learn a lot in a fast track.

Here's my preview of my submission kit at round 2..

I still waiting for a reply from the judges..
Where i should post the download links?
The Rules doesn't permitted me to post the link during a week. 
Hmmm... wondering..

But.. if the judges let me post the link here.. I'll post it ASAP. :D
So... while waiting for the links.. how if you support me by join the poll. And of course you must vote me!! hehe... *feodalism
No.. just kidding... If you like my kit (by seeing the preview only.. lol), plese vote me ok..

You can vote at this thread
You must log in first ok...

Thanks for coming here...
I f you have a minute free.. please leave some love.
So that, we can know each other.. 

See yaaaa...

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to create this cute kit :) I was able to download the elements but the papers link is dead.

    Just thought I would let you know about the dead link. :)



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