Sabtu, 27 April 2013


During my first and second pregnancy, I always call my baby with boyish name. "Ali". I really want to have a baby boy, But I got two little girls. It's ok... i'm happy with having them. But when i get pregnant again, i'll call my baby "Ali" again. Hopefully, i get baby boy in my life.. :P
Because of my obsession, I rarely pick girlie outfit for my daughters. I almost always give them t-shirt with short pants! Even they fav toys is their car toys.. And they enjoy to watch her grandpa repairing the car or machine. Yes.. my daughters is Tomgirl!

Used Tomgirl by B2N2 Scraps

Does your little girl love pink but also love cars and trucks?  This kit is made for theose girls who love to play with trucks, trains, cars, planes, tools, tractors and all those toys that are considered toys for boys. Or maybe your little girl loves sports like football, baseball or basketball.  This kit has those elements as well.  The colors however are quite girly with pinks and orange.  Even if your little girl doesn't play with those toys, this kit has flowers and other generic elements that you can use to scrap any picture of your little girl.

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  1. Love your site. Can you please tell me when you will post your part of the May ISND blog train with STS? Do not want to miss it. Thank you.



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